Graphics Environments on Linux

This chapter provides introductions and tutorial examples about graphics environments. Topics include introduction to GNOME desktop; creating GNOME applications in Python; introduction to XQuartz X11 server; running Tk Python, Matplotlib Python scripts and Java GUI apps on GNOME desktop and X11 server.

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Create GNOME Applications in Python

"tkinter" - Python Interface for Tk GUI

Matplotlib - Plotting Library for Python

XQuartz - X11 Server for MacOS

Matplotlib Backends and Architecture

Matplotlib Backend TkAgg for X11 Servers

"ssh -AXY" to Avoid "Could not open X display" Error

Matplotlib Interactive vs. Non-Interactive Mode

Java GUI Applications on Linux


Table of Contents

 About This Book

 Introduction to Linux Systems

 Process Management

 Files and Directories

 Running Apache HTTP Server (httpd) on Linux Systems

 Running Apache Tomcat on Linux Systems

 Running PHP Scripts on Linux Systems

 Running MySQL Database Server on Linux Systems

 Running Python Scripts on Linux Systems

 Conda - Environment and Package Manager

 GCC - C/C++ Compiler

 OpenJDK - Open-Source JDK

Graphics Environments on Linux

 SquirrelMail - Webmail in PHP

 Tools and Utilities


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