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This section provides some detailed information about this book - Linux Apps Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Examples.

Title: Linux Apps Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Examples

Author: Herong Yang - Contact by email via herong_yang@yahoo.com.

Category: COMPUTERS / Operating Systems / Linux

Version/Edition: v1.00, 2022

Number of pages in PDF format: 155

Description: This book is a collection of notes and sample codes written by the author while he was learning Linux applications. Topics include using managing users and groups; managing files and directories; managing Apache Web server; managing MySQL server; developing Python and PHP scripts; using GCC C/C++ compilers; running graphical applications on GNOME desktop and X11 servers; running Conda - Environment and Package Manager. Updated in 2022 (Version v1.00) with minor updates.

Keywords: Apache, C/C++, Conda, Graphics, Linux, MySQL, PHP, Python.


Revision history:

Web version: https://www.herongyang.com/Linux-Apps - Provides free sample chapters, latest updates and readers' comments.

PDF/EPUB version: https://www.herongyang.com/Linux-Apps/PDF-Full-Version.html - Provides information on how to obtain the full version of this book in PDF, EPUB, or other format.

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Table of Contents

About This Book

 Introduction to Linux Systems

 Process Management

 Files and Directories

 Running Apache Web Server (httpd) on Linux Systems

 Running PHP Scripts on Linux Systems

 Running MySQL Database Server on Linux Systems

 Running Python Scripts on Linux Systems

 Conda - Environment and Package Manager

 GCC - C/C++ Compiler

 Graphics Environments on Linux

 Tools and Utilities


 Full Version in PDF/EPUB