Reduced Elliptic Curve Group - E1931(443,1045)

This section provides an example of a reduced Elliptic Curve group E1931(443,1045).

Let's take a look at another reduced elliptic curve group, E1931(433,1045), as discussed in "2018 Math Summer Camp - Explicit construction of elliptic curves with prescribed order over finite fields" at

Here is the elliptic curve in the real number space:

   y2 = x3 - 443x + 1045
Elliptic Curve E(443,1045) in Real Number Space
Elliptic Curve E(443,1045) in Real Number Space

Here is the reduced elliptic curve group using modular arithmetic of prime number 1931, E1931(443,1045):

   y2 = x3 - 443x + 1045 (mod 1931)
Elliptic Curve Group E1931(443,1045)
Elliptic Curve Group E1931(443,1045)

As you can see, there are a lots of elements in a reduced elliptic curve group, when a large prime number is used. Is there any formula to calculate the number of elements (also called the order) of an a reduced elliptic curve group? We will discuss it in the next tutorial.

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Reduced Elliptic Curve Group - E1931(443,1045)

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