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Table Column Types for Character Strings
Describes 4 types of table columns to store character strings: CHAR, VARCHAR, NCHAR and NCHAR VARYING.
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Window Functions for Statistical Analysis
This chapter provides tutorial notes on Window Functions. Topics include introduction of window functions; OVER clause to identify window functions; PARTITION BY clause to form multiple windows; ROWS and RANGE clauses to specify moving frames; WINDOW clause to name windows.
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System, User-Defined and Stored Procedure Variables
This chapter provides tutorial notes on 3 types of variables in MySQL: System Variables, User-Defined Variables and Stored Procedure Variables. System variables have two scopes: Global and Session.
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Archived: Installing MySQL 5.0.2 (Alpha)
This section provides a tutorial example on how to install MySQL 5.0.2 (Alpha) on a Windows system.
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Storage Engines in MySQL Server
This chapter provides tutorial notes on MySQL storage engines. Topics include listing of pluggable storage engines; cluster index data structure used on InnoDB storage engine; system variables, status variables and statistical information on InnoDB engine.
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Column Options When Creating Tables
A tutorial example is provided on how to use different column options like, NULL, UNIQUE, DEFAULT, PRIMARY KEY, when creating new tables.
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Use Index for Better Performance
This chapter provides tutorial notes on Index. Topics include introduction of index; using index to reduce searching time; creating composite indexes on value combinations of multiple columns.
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Configuring PHP for MySQL Server Access
A tutorial example is provided on how to configure the PHP engine for MySQL server connection access. Setting, extension=php_mysql.dll, needs to be turned on in the configuration file php.ini.
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JOIN - Operation to Join Two Tables
Describes JOIN operations to join two tables in different ways: CROSS JOIN, INNER JOIN, LEFT OUTER JOIN, RIGHT OUTER JOIN.
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MySQL Server Data Backups on CentOS
This section provides a tutorial example on how to create backups of MySQL databases and load it back to another MySQL server for MySQL 8.0 server on CentOS 8 systems.
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Getting Driver and Server Information
Describes how to get JDBC driver and database information through the DatabaseMetaData object.
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JDBC Driver Connection URL
Describes the connection URL format and how to create connection objects with the DriverManager class.
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Character String Functions
Describes some commonly used character string functions like, CONCAT(), CHAR_LENGTH(), SUBSTRING(), UPPER(), LOWER(), TRIM(), and POSITION().
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Introduction of MySQL Programs
Notes and tutorial examples are provided on MySQL 8.0 programs. Topics include a list of MySQL 8.0 major programs; introduction of mysqld, mysqladmin, mysql, mysqldump, and mysqlimport programs.
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Perl Programs and MySQL Servers
This chapter provides notes and tutorial examples on MySQL server and Perl programs. Topics include what software and modules are needed to run Perl programs to access MySQL servers; a sample Perl program that connects to a MySQL server.
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Date and Time Functions
Describes some commonly used date and time functions like, CURRENT_DATE(), CURRENT_TIME(), and EXTRACT().
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ALTER TABLE - Statement to Alter Table Structures
A tutorial example is provided on how to use ALTER TABLE statements to add, delete, modify, columns and indexes.
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Installing MySQL Server on Linux
This chapter provides introductions and tutorial examples about MySQL database server on CentOS systems. Topics include installing MySQL 8.0 on CentOS 8; starting and stoping 'mysqld' as a system service; setting MySQL 'root' password; MySQL file and data locations; MySQL log files; backing up MySQL...
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Bulk Changes on Large Tables
This chapter provides tutorial notes on bulk changes no large tables. Topics include general general guidelines for bulk changes; deleting records with simple conditions; deleting records that are not referenced.
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Using SELECT to Query Database
This chapter provides tutorial notes on SELECT query statements. Topics include SELECT statement syntax, FROM clause, WHERE clause, GROUP BY clause, ORDER BY clause, JOIN table operations.
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Archived: MySQL Connector/J 5.1 Installation
This section describes how to download and install MySQL Connector/J (JDBC driver) required to run Java programs to access MySQL servers.
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Numeric Literal Evaluation Examples
This section provides tutorial examples on how numeric literals are evaluated to values of different datatypes.
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%mysql% Variable for MySQL Server Path
Tutorial example on how to create an environment variable '%mysql%' to represent the MySQL Server directory path name. This gives a quick way to invoke a MySQL command like '%mysql%\bin\mysql'.
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PHP Programs and MySQL Server
This chapter provides notes and tutorial examples on MySQL server and PHP programs. Topics include configuring the PHP engine to use the MySQL extension library, commonly used MySQL functions, running SQL statements to create table, insert rows and fetch rows.
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