Windows 7: Forefront Exploring Network Programs

This section provides a tutorial example on how to use Forefront Software Explorer tool to review all network connections from and to a single program.

The Software Explorer tool provided by Forefront Client Security can be used to exam network-connected programs that are currently running.

1. Run Forefront Client Security.

2. Click the "Tools" menu, then the "Software Explorer" link You will see a list of startup programs by default.

3. Select "Network Connected Programs" in "Category". You will see a list of programs that are currently connected to the Internet.

4. Locate and click "Skype: 4700". You will see detailed information about Skype, including its network connections:

Protocol  Local Address     Foreign Address    State
UDP       *.*                 
UDP     *.*                 
TCP            LISTEN
TCP            LISTEN
TCP            LISTEN
TCP       (local IP):49174  (remote IP):40024  ESTABLISHED
TCP       (local IP):49177  (remote IP):12350  ESTABLISHED
TCP       (local IP):49183  (remote IP):443    ESTABLISHED

I am surprised to see that Skype uses 8 network connections. Need to do some research to find out why so many connections are running to run Skype.

5. Review all other programs in the list.

The picture below shows you Forefront Software Explorer displaying detailed current network conections for a single program on Windows 7 system:
Windows 7: Forefront Explore Network Programs

Last update: 2013.

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