Issue New Certificate with My CA on macOS

This section provides a tutorial example on how to issue a new certificate from a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) with my private key and my root CA certificate on macOS using Keychain Access.

In the previous tutorial, I helped Joe to create his CSR (Certificate Signing Request). Now if he send me this CSR, I can issue a certificate with my root CA (Certificate Authority).

1. Click "Keychain Access > Certificate Assistant > Create a Certificate For Someone as a Certificate Authority" menu. The Certificate Assistant dialog box shows up.

2. Drag and drop the CSR file I received from Joe from a Finder folder. The CSR is opened in Certificate Assistant.

3. Enter the following and click "Continue". Joe's certificate is generated and included an email draft.

Issuing CA: Herong Yang's CA
[ ] Let me override defaults for this request	

4. Right click the attached certificate in the email and select "Save Attachment" to save a copy of Joe's certificate as "joe.pem". Then send the Joe's certificate to him in the email.

Issue Certificate from CSR on macOS
Issue Certificate from CSR on macOS

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