Using HTTPS with Mozilla Firefox

This chapter provides tutorial notes and example codes on using certificates in Mozilla Firefox. Topics include why Web browsers need certificates; viewing the certificate from an https Web server; saving the certificate from a server to a certificate file; exporting and importing certificates to and from certificate files; changing certificate trust settings.

Visiting "https" Web Site with Mozilla Firefox

Viewing Server Certificate in Mozilla Firefox

Server Certificate General Information

Viewing Server Certificate Path in Mozilla Firefox

Exporting Server Certificate to File in Mozilla Firefox

Viewing Pre-Installed Certificates in Mozilla Firefox

Listing of Trusted Root CA in Mozilla Firefox

Exporting Certificate to File from Mozilla Firefox

Deleting Root CA Certificates from Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Displaying Certificate Error Page

Adding Security Exception in Mozilla Firefox

Failing to Import Root CA Certificates to Mozilla Firefox

Certificate Trust Settings in Mozilla Firefox


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 .NET Programs Communicating with HTTPS Servers - Root CA Offering Free Certificates

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