jmc - JMX Console via MBean Server

This section provides a tutorial example on how to use 'jmc' JMX Console via MBean Server. The dashboard shows live meters of Used Java Heap Memory, JVM CPU Usage, and Live Set + Fragmentation.

To try Java Mission Control, I compiled and ran the Java program,, presented earlier in the book:

herong> javac

herong> java GarbageCollection
Free/total memory:
60130520   62914560
58098920   62914560
56853736   62914560

Now start "jmc" in another command window. I see "GarbageCollection" listed in the JVM Browser panel.

Open it and click its "MBean Server" object. I see the dashboard on the Overview tab in the details panel. It displays 3 live meters:

jmc JMX Console via MBean Server
jmc JMX Console via MBean Server

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jmc - JMX Console via MBean Server

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