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Looking Up Method Signature with 'javap' Command

This section provides a tutorial example of how to lookup method signatures in a class file or JAR file with the 'javap' command.

"javap" can also be used as a handy tool to look up method signatures while you are writing Java programs.

For example, if you are coding a Java program, and you need to convert a byte array into a character string, but you don't remember which method in the String class to use, and how many arguments are needed for that method. If you are using a good Java IDE, it will help you with a list of public methods and their signatures.

But what can you do, if you are using a simple text editor, not a smart Java IDE? You can use the "javap" command as a handy tool to look up method signatures. The following tutorial example shows you how to find the method to convert a byte array into a character string:

C:\herong>javap java.lang.String | find "byte"

    public java.lang.String(byte[], int, int, int);
    public java.lang.String(byte[], int);
    public java.lang.String(byte[], int, int, java.lang.String)
    public java.lang.String(byte[], java.lang.String)
    public java.lang.String(byte[], int, int);
    public java.lang.String(byte[]);
    public void getBytes(int, int, byte[], int);
    public byte[] getBytes(java.lang.String)
    public byte[] getBytes();

What can you learn from this tutorial example:

  • "java.lang.String" is the fully qualified class name for the String class.
  • The bytecode of "java.lang.String" is inside the JDK JAR file: \progra~1\java\jdk*\jre\lib\rt.jar. since "rt.jar" is the default JAR file, you don't need to specify it with the "-classpath" option.
  • I used the Windows "find" command (similar to the Unix "grep" command) to select method signatures that contains the word "byte" to reduce the amount of output lines.
  • Based on the output, the simplest method is the constructor "String(byte[])", which converts all bytes in the specified byte array into a string using the default character encoding.

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Looking Up Method Signature with 'javap' Command

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