Validating MP3 Compression Output

This section describes a tutorial on how to validate the compressed WAV file with MP3 (MPEG Layer-3) encoding.

If you followed the previous tutorial, you should have a WAV music file compressed with MP3 (MPEG Layer-3) format.

1. Using Windows Explorer to locate the compressed WAV music file: C:\temp\wav\02-Track 2-MP3.wav.

2. Click right mouse button on this file, and select properties. The properties dialog box shows up. The general tab displays:

File name: 02-Track 2-MP3.wav
Type of file: Wave Sound
Location: C:\temp\wav\
Size: 7,077,588 bytes

3. Click the Summary tab. It displays:

Bit Rate: 256 kbps
Channels: 2 (stereo)
Audio sample rate: 44 KHz
Audio format: MPEG Layer-3

4. Double click on the file name: 02-Track 2-MP3.wav. Windows Media Player will be started to play this music.

If the WAV file plays well to the end, Sound Recorder did a good job of compressing a WAV audio file with MP3 (MPEG Layer-3) format.

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