Launching Android Emulator in AVD Manager

This section provides a tutorial example on how to launch an Android emulator with the Android Virtual Device (AVD) created in the AVD Manager.

Now I am ready to run a Android emulator with the AVD created in previous tutorials.

1. Double-click on "C:\local\android-sdk-windows\AVD Manager.exe". "vPhone" shows up in the AVD list.

2. Select "vPhone" and click the "Start" button on the right side. The "Launch Options" box shows up.

3. Review and change options:

Skin: WVGA800 (480x800)
Density: 240
[x] Scale display to real size

   Screen Size (in): 4.0
   Monitor dpi: 120
   Scale 0.51

[ ] Wipe user data
[ ] Launch from snapshot
[ ] Save to snapshot

3. Click the "Launch" button. The Android emulator window will show up with the word "android" displayed.

Android Emulator and Launch Options - R24
Android Virtual Device (AVD) Details - R24

Cool, I have an Android emulator started on my Windows system!

But where is the home screen to run apps on the emulator? I guess I need to wait for the emulator to get fully load. See the next tutorial on how to run apps on the emulator.

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Launching Android Emulator in AVD Manager

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