Arrays and Loops in VBScript

This section provides tutorial examples on how to use arrays and loops in VBScript language.

Array is a build-in data structure in Visual Basic language. It can used to store a collection of data elements with indexes to access each element. Arrays can be declared to hold a fixed number of elements as:

dim weekdays(5)

Arrays can also be declared to a variable number of elements as:

dim weekdays()
redim weekdays(5)
other statements
redim preserve weekdays(7)

Elements in a array can be iterated with the "for each ... next" statement as:

dim weekdays(5)
other statements
for each day in weekdays
   other statements

Here is a simple ASP page to how the features of arrays:

<script language="vbscript" runat="server">
'  array.asp
'  Copyright (c) 2002 by Dr. Herong Yang
'  This program demonstrates some special rules about arrays.
   response.write("<b>Tests on arrays</b>:<br/>")
   dim days()
   redim days(5)
   ' Referring elements by index
   days(0) = "Mon"
   days(1) = "Tue"
   days(2) = "Wed"
   days(3) = "Thu"
   days(4) = "Fri"
   ' Iterating through indexes
   for i=0 to 5-1
      response.write("Element " & i+1 & " = " & days(i) & "<br/>")
   ' Increasing the size of the array
   redim preserve days(7)
   days(5) = "Sat"
   days(6) = "Sun"
   i = 1
   response.write("Two days added:<br/>")
   for each d in days
      response.write("Element " & i & " = " & d & "<br/>")
      i = i + 1


Tests on arrays:
Element 1 = Mon
Element 2 = Tue
Element 3 = Wed
Element 4 = Thu
Element 5 = Fri
Two days added:
Element 1 = Mon
Element 2 = Tue
Element 3 = Wed
Element 4 = Thu
Element 5 = Fri
Element 6 = Sat
Element 7 = Sun
Element 8 = 

Note that:

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