Design Overview

This section describes design overview of a simple ASP application, hyBook, a guest book application.

After I published by tutorial notes on my Web site, I wanted to provide a guestbook tool to allow visitors to share their comments with other visitors and myself. So I started to put together a simple guestbook application in ASP with MS Access database. While doing this, I have collected many interesting notes that might be useful to you.

Let me first provide you some design highlights before going into any details.

Functional requirements:

Technical highlights:

Table of Contents

 About This Book

 ASP (Active Server Pages) Introduction

 IIS (Internet Information Services) 5.0

 MS Script Debugger

 VBScript Language

 ASP Built-in Run-time Objects

 ASP Session

 Creating and Managing Cookies

 Managing Sessions with and without Cookies

 scrrun.dll - Scripting Runtime DLL

 Managing Response Header Lines

 Calculation Speed and Response Time

 ADO (ActiveX Data Object) DLL

 Working with MS Access Database

Guest Book Application Example

Design Overview

 Database Tables

 Configuration File

 Page Layout Template File

 Guest book Main Script

 The Utility Script Library File

 Data Submission Issues

 Webmaster Administration Page


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