Table of Signs of the Zodiac - Encyclopedia


Constellation English Name Symbol Dates
Aries The Ram symbol Mar. 21—Apr. 19
Taurus The Bull symbol Apr. 20—May 20
Gemini The Twins symbol May 21—June 21
Cancer The Crab symbol June 22—July 22
Leo The Lion symbol July 23—Aug. 22
Virgo The Virgin symbol Aug. 23—Sept. 22
Libra The Balance symbol Sept. 23—Oct. 23
Scorpio The Scorpion symbol Oct. 24—Nov. 21
Sagittarius The Archer symbol Nov. 22—Dec. 21
Capricorn The Goat symbol Dec. 22—Jan. 19
Aquarius The Water Bearer symbol Jan. 20—Feb. 18
Pisces The Fishes symbol Feb. 19—Mar. 20


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