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本節介紹了大五碼 (Big5) 的編碼方法,它是將大五碼三個區塊中的字元,依次排放到一個由兩 個字節組成的數字二維矩陣中形成的。
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Big5 &gt; Unicode 轉換: 一级漢字 - 第 AA 行
本節列出了 Big5 到 Unicode 代碼轉換表中「一级漢字」的第 AA 行。
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Installing JAF 1.0.2
This section describes a tutorial on how to install JAF (JavaBeans Activation Framework) 1.0.2 on a Windows system.
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how to import x509.pem pk8 file into jks(keystore)
'Migrating Keys from OpenSSL Key Files to keystore' tutorial was cited in a CSDN.NET blog in 2016.
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DES in Stream Cipher Modes
This chapter provides tutorial examples and notes about DES stream cipher modes. 1-bit, 1-byte and 8-byte stream ciphers, Topics include modifying DES CFB and OFB block ciphers to stream ciphers; using DES stream ciphers provided in the JDK JCE package.
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SOAP::Transport::TCP::Server - SOAP Server with TCP Protocol
This section provides a tutorial example on how to use the SOAP::Transport::TCP module to create a SOAP server with the TCP protocol.
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Deployment Diagram and Notations in Visio
This section lists UML Deployment Diagram notations supported in MS Visio 2010.
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SOAP Data Model
This chapter describes what is SOAP data model.
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Connection Pooling with C3P0 DataSources
This section provides a tutorial example that shows you how to use the C3P0 DataSources class to create and convert a unpooled DataSource to a pooled DataSource using PoolBackedDataSource with default configurations.
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WSDL 2.0-2 Adjuncts Not Supported by Woden API
This section provided a tutorial example to show that Woden Java API does not support WSDL 2.0 Part 2: Adjuncts specifications.
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javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.IterationTag Interface
This section describes javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.Itera tionTaginterface, which supports 3 event handlers using in the iteration tag lifecycle: doStartTag(), doAfterBody(), and doEndTag().
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Travel Ticker Deals - Usage Description
This section describes the free Web service Travel Ticker Deals provided by Hotwire. Travel Ticker Deals allows you to obtain hands-selected travel deals available from the Hotwire Group's Travel Ticker service.
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Travel Ticker Deals - Response Message Sample
This section provides a response message sample of Travel Ticker Deals Web service.
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Example of Downloading Files
This section provides an example FTP session of downloading files.
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What Is FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
This section provides a quick introduction of FTP application that allows you to transfer files between the local computer and a remote computer over the Internet.
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Unique Index on InnoDB Table
This section provides a tutorial example to show the performance impact of unique index on InnoDB tables.
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Most Popular Books
The most popular books based on the directory report from log files for year 2009 with 5 weeks log files missing.
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Weekly Requests Report
Weekly total requests and page requests report for 196 days of year 2008.
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Year 2019 Reports
A collection of statistics reports and notes for year 2019 for website herongyang.com Website.
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Most Popular Search Engines
The most popular search engines based on page referral request counts for year 2021 with 0 week of log files missing.
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Heap Sort - Algorithm Introduction
This section describes the Heap Sort algorithm - A complex and fast sorting algorithm that organizes original collection into a heap which is a binary tree with every node higher that its children in order, then repeatedly takes the root node to the end of the sorted section and rebuilds the heap wi...
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Run PHP Scripts on macOS
This section provides notes to verify PHP version supported on macOS and run a simple PHP interactive scripting session.
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Group Access Permissions on Files
This section provides a tutorial example on how to control group access permissions on files. Use 'chgrp' to change group ownership. Use 'chmod g=' to change group access permission.
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"sudo" Command and Privilege
This section provides a tutorial example on how to grant 'sudo' privilege to a user to allow him/her to run 'sudo' command to gain 'root' permission without login as 'root'.
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