FOP Failed on "block" inside "inline"

This section provides a tutorial example showing the formatting issue with Apache FOP on the 'block' formatting object inside an 'inline' formatting object. It is not able to generate a full line for the 'block' formatting object like RenderX XEP.

In the previous tutorial, we saw that RenderX XEP was able to properly process an "inline" formatting object with a content mixed with a "block" formatting object.

But if you use Apache FOP, it will fail to process the "block" formatting object as a full line. It will generate a line some extra margin on both left and right sides.

The picture below gives you a comparison of what generated by Apache FOP and RenderX XEP from

Apache FOP Issue with 'block' inside 'inline'
Apache FOP Issue with "block" inside "inline"

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FOP Failed on "block" inside "inline"

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