"fop -xml -xsl -foout" - XSLT Transformations

This section provides a tutorial on how to run the 'fop -xml -xsl -foout' command to convert an XML file to another XML or text file using a XSLT file with XSLT transformation templates.

Apache™ FOP can also be used to perform generic XSLT transformations using the "fop -xml ... -xsl ... -foout ..." command option.

Here is the full syntax of the "fop -xml ... -foout" command:

fop -xml old.xml -xsl xxx.xsl -foout new.xml
   Transform old.xml to an XML file, new.xml, using xxx.xsl
fop -xml old.xml -xsl xxx.xsl -foout new.txt
   Transform old.xml to a text file, new.txt, using xxx.xsl

To test the "fop -xml ... -xsl ... -foout ..." command option, let's create the following XML file, hello.xml, that contains only data content:

<?xml version="1.1"?>
<p>Hello world!</p>

Then create an XSLT file, hello-xml.xsl, that contains a transformation template to convert hello.xml into another data XML file:

<?xml version="1.1"?>
<xsl:stylesheet version="1.1"
 <xsl:template match="/">
  <p><xsl:value-of select="p"/> - Transformed</p>

Next, run following commands:

herong> fop -xml hello.xml -xsl hello-xml.xsl -foout hello-out.xml

herong> type hello-out.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<p>Hello world! - Transformed</p>

As you can see from the output, FOP successfully transformed an XML file to another XML file. And it is not related to formatting objects at all.

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