FOP Download and Installation on Windows

This section provides a tutorial on how to download and install Apache™ FOP on Windows systems.

Here is how you can download and install Apache™ FOP 2.5 on a Windows system:

1. Go to Apache™ FOP home page at

2. Click "Download" in the left menu. "Apache™ FOP: Downloading A Distribution" page shows up.

3. Click "FOP Distribution mirror" in the "Binary Download" section. Apache™ download mirror site list shows up.

4. Click the suggested mirror site. The download folder list shows up.

5. Click "binaries/" folder. The download file list shows up.

6. Click "" file to download.

7. Use the browser save file function to save the file to C:\temp\ It may take some time to complete the download.

8. Unzip C:\temp\ C:\temp\fop-2.5 folder shows up.

9. Move C:\temp\fop-2.5 to C:\fop. Installation is completed.

You can follow the same steps to download and install Apache™ FOP 2.1 or other older versions on Windows systems.

See next tutorial on how to verify Apache™ FOP installation on Windows systems.

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 About This Book

 Introduction of XSL-FO

Apache™ FOP (Formatting Objects Processor)

 What Is Apache™ FOP?

FOP Download and Installation on Windows

 FOP Installation Verification on Windows

 FOP Download and Installation on macOS

 FOP Installation Verification on macOS

 "fop" Command and Options

 "fop -fo" - Formatting XSL-FO Files

 "fop -xml -xsl" - Transformation and Formatting

 "fop -xml -xsl -foout" - XSLT Transformations

 RenderX XEP as an XSL-FO Tool

 Introduction of Area Model

 XSL-FO Document Basics and Examples

 Page Layout Masters

 Block-Level Formatting Objects

 Inline-Level Formatting Objects

 Including Graphics in XSL-FO document

 Table of Rows and Columns

 List, Item, Label, and Body

 Floating Blocks - "float" and "footnote"

 Hyperlinks, Table of Contents and Indexes

 Headers and Footers using "static-content"

 Font Attributes and Font Families

 Apache FOP Font Configurations

 RenderX XEP Font Configurations

 Converting HTML to PDF


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