curl/openssl configuration for php under windows

'Testing OpenSSL with fopen()' tutorial was cited in an blog article in 2017.

The Testing OpenSSL with fopen() tutorial was cited in an blog article in 2017.

Subject: curl/openssl configuration for php under windows.
Date: Jan 3, 2017

CA root certificate configuration for openssl & curl when via php on
windows. curl is used by wordpress, and openssl is used by whmcs.

this is how to enable CA root cert bundles for openssl & curl for php
on windows. i used web platform installer to install php version 5.6.24
& 7.0.9.

note, the openssl.cafile parameter in php.ini is only for php version 5.6
and above.

test with OpenSSL_HTTPS_fopen_with_CA.php

<?php # OpenSSL_HTTPS_fopen_with_CA.php
#- Copyright (c) 2011,, All Rights Reserved.

$url = '';
$context = stream_context_create
   (array('ssl' => array('verify_peer' => true)));


$handle = fopen($url, 'r', false, $context);
while ( ($line = fgets($handle)) !== false) {
  echo "$line\n";

if the website looks like google, it’s working.


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curl/openssl configuration for php under windows

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