Twitter OAuth Library/HUD

'SHA1 Message Digest Algorithm Overview' tutorial was cited in a Second Life Twitter OAuth Library code in 2011.

The SHA1 Message Digest Algorithm Overview tutorial was cited in a Second Life Twitter OAuth Library code in 2011.

Subject: Twitter OAuth Library/HUD
Date: May 28, 2011
Author: Opensource Obscure

Twitter HUD based on Babbage's OAuth Library. More information:

//    by Opensource Obscure - based on:
//    Twitter OAuth Client 1.0: An example client that uses the LSL
      OAuth 1.0a
//    Library for Twitter by Babbage Linden.
//    Released under the Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution
      -Share Alike 3.0
//    license

// Application constants generated by Twitter.
// Set up a new Twitter application here:
string TWITTER_OAUTH_CONSUMER_KEY = "xxxxxxxxxxxx";
// (Opensource Obscure's details in the HUD)
string TWITTER_OAUTH_CONSUMER_SECRET = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";
// (Opensource Obscure's details in the HUD)

// Inner core of sha1 calculation, based on FIPS 180-1
// and some help from
// and a bit from lkalif specialized on dwordlists
// Takes a dwordlist as input and returns hash as dwordlist
list ProcessSha1(list dwblocks)
    integer block;
    integer blocks = (dwblocks != []) / 16;
    integer H0 = 0x67452301;
    integer H1 = 0xEFCDAB89;
    integer H2 = 0x98BADCFE;
    integer H3 = 0x10325476;
    integer H4 = 0xC3D2E1F0;

    for (block = 0; block < blocks; block++)
        list W;
        integer t;
        integer A = H0;
        integer B = H1;
        integer C = H2;
        integer D = H3;
        integer E = H4;

        for (t = 0; t < 16; t++)
            W += [llList2Integer(dwblocks, t + block * 16)];

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