Scripting file types

'WSF - Windows Script File XML Format' tutorial was cited in a Microsoft news group message in 2009.

The WSF - Windows Script File XML Format tutorial was cited in a Microsoft news group message in 2009.

Subject: Scripting file types
Date: Aug 19 2009
Author: Eric

>If you're writing a quick and dirty script I might agree the .vbs
>file is easier to write if the .wsf file requires all that extra text
>like "<job>",

This is generally true, however, some script editors (i.e.
primalscript) manage all of the XML bits for you, making it almost as
easy to create a q&d script in .wsf format. With such an editor I'd
consider using .wsf for even the simplest scripts, as who has not
seen a q&d script evolve into something quite different?

>but are you saying the .vbs is more troublesome to write if you're
>creating a script library and you want well documented scripts?

He might be. I would have said that myself, as the .WSF format allows
script code for functions, for example, to be shared between scripts
without having to cut&paste  them.

>The .wsf file has tags for an automatic help window with automatic
>text formatting.  If you call it with a /? it doesn't recognize as an
>argument. It shows the help instead of trying to execute the script.
>If you want to show the same window in a .vbs I assume you have to
>test WScript.Arguments.Item(0) for "/?", then call the help message
>yourself and exit.

>What other features are available in .wsf which aren't available in

See here:

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