InChIKey - InChI Hash String

This section provides a quick introduction of InChI Key, which is generated from hash values of the InChI string.

InChIKey - InChIKey is a condensed version of the InChI string of a chemical substance, developed under the auspices of IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry).

Technically, an InChIKey is 27-character long. It consists of three parts separated by hyphens, of 14, 10 and one character(s), in the format of XXXXXXXXXXXXXX-YYYYYYYYFV-P, where:

Theoretically, InChIKey is not unique for each chemical substance. But the likelihood of duplicates is very very small.

For a given molecule, the InChI key can be generated through a set of rules, which are not so easy to follow. So you should use some software tools to help you, like the free "InChI Software" provided at

Open Babel can also be used to generate the InChI string for any given molecule.

Here is a list of InChI Keys of some molecules.

Common     InChI
Name       Key
------     ------

You can use to find the InChI Key of a given molecule.

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InChIKey - InChI Hash String

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