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This section provides some detailed information about this book - Molecule Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Examples.

Title: Molecule Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Examples

Author: Dr. Herong Yang - Contact by email via herong_yang@yahoo.com.

Category: Science / Chemistry / General

Version/Edition: v1.25, 2021

Number of pages in PDF format: 248

Description: This book is a collection of notes and tutorial examples written by the author while he was learning molecules and related tools. Topics include understanding atoms, bonds and molecules; introduction of atomic isotopes and elements; introduction of proteins and amino acids; introduction of protein kinases; molecule SDF (Structure Data File) format; generating PNG pictures from molecule SDF files; installing RDkit as molecule tool; visualizing molecule structure in 3-D with PyMol; generating molecule movie with PyMol. Updated in 2021 (Version v1.25) with minor updates.

Keywords: Molecule, BioTech


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Table of Contents

About This Book

 Introduction of Molecules

 Molecule Names and Identifications

 Molecule Mass and Weight

 Protein and Amino Acid

 Nucleobase, Nucleoside, Nucleotide, DNA and RNA

 Gene and Chromosome

 Protein Kinase (PK)

 SDF (Structure Data File)

 RDKit: Open-Source Cheminformatics Software

 PyMol Installation

 PyMol GUI and CLI

 PyMol Selections

 PyMol Editing Functions

 PyMol Measurement Functions

 PyMol Movie Functions

 PyMol Python Integration

 PyMol Object Functions

 ChEMBL Database - European Molecular Biology Laboratory

 PubChem Database - National Library of Medicine

 PDB (Protein Data Bank)

 INSDC (International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration)

 HGNC (HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee)

 Resources and Tools

 Molecule Related Terminologies


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