Archiving Files on CD - Compress with WinRAR

This section describes a tutorial on how to compress files with WinRAR to archive them on a data CD.

If you have a lots of personal files on your computer system, you should consider to archive or backup them to a CD to avoid any losses if something happen to your computer.

One easy way to backup your files is to copy the folder where your files are located to a CD. But this could lead to problems like:

A better way of archiving your personal files to a CD is compress all directories and files into a single archive file with WinRAR. Then copy the single archive file to the CD. The advantages are obvious:

Here is what I did compress all of my personal files into 3 archive files to be copied to a data CD. My personal files are under the 5 folders: \herong\file2002, \herong\file2003, ..., \herong\file2006.

1. Create a work directory C:\archive.

2. Run the following commands in a command window:

C:\>cd \herong
C:\herong>mkdir \archive

C:\herong>WinRAR a -afrar -r \archive\file2002.rar file2002\*.*
   (Using the 8-3 file name format to avoid restoring problems.
   (WinRAR progress window shows up.
   (The compression process takes a couple of minutes.

C:\herong>WinRAR a -afrar -r \archive\file2003.rar file2003\*.*


C:\herong>WinRAR a -afrar -r \archive\file2006.rar file2006\*.*

C:\herong>copy \progra~1\winrar\WinRAR.exe \archive\WinRAR.exe
        1 file(s) copied.
   (I want to put a copy WinRAR.exe on the CD too.

C:\herong>dir \archive
<DIR>          .
<DIR>          ..
    10,577,076 file2002.rar
   113,907,373 file2003.rar
   121,605,487 file2004.rar
   129,867,837 file2005.rar
   333,239,038 file2006.rar
       915,968 WinRAR.exe
6 File(s)    710,112,779 bytes
2 Dir(s)  21,970,386,944 bytes free

I got 6 archive files with 710,112,779 bytes / 1024 / 1024 = 678 MB. It perfectly fits on one CD-R (data CD).

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