Creating ISO 9660 Image with FinalBurner

This section describes a tutorial on how to create an ISO 9660 image with Final Burner.

Instead of burning (writing or copying) files to a CD-R directly, it is better to do it in two steps:

Here are the steps you should follow to create an ISO image with FinalBurner:

1. Start FinalBurner and double-click the Data CD/DVD icon. The Files screen shows up.

2. Click the "Add file(s)" link below the empty file list section. The Open dialog box shows up.

3. Find and select all 6 files in the folder: \archive. FinalBurner shows you the total size near the bottom of the window as: 0 Gb 677 Mb 221 kb 523 bytes. You should leave the "Boot image" field unchecked, because we are not creating a bootable CD.
FinalBurner - Input File List

4. Click the Next button. The Burn screen shows up. Check all option fields to match:

Speed: 2x - 2823 kb\s
Name: Arch2006
Append last session: unchecked
Allow next session: unchecked
Test write: checked
Eject: checked
Buffer Underrun Protection: checked
Full erase: unchecked

5. Click the "Save ISO" button. Give C:\temp\arch2006.iso as the file name for the output ISO image file. FinalBurner took 1 minute to create the ISO image file.

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