Installing Final Burner

This section describes a tutorial on how to compress files with WinRAR to archive them on a data CD.

FinalBurner is free CD burning software produced by ProtectedSoft. Since I don't have other CD burning software on my system, I want to install FinalBurner and try it.

1. Go to A list of download item shows up.

2. Click on the "Download now!" icon next to "FinalBurner FREE - - 8 MB". Save the download file to: C:\temp\fb_free.exe.

3. Run C:\temp\fb_free.exe to install FinalBurner with its default settings.

4. Click Start > All Programs > FinalBurner > FinalBurner. The "FinalBurner FREE" window shows up. A list of project types is displayed to let you start a specific task supported by FinalBurner like "Data CD/DVD", "Audio/CD", "Video DVD", "Burn .ISO", or "AudioCD Ripper".
FinalBurner - Project List

If all functions listed here work, it is a good tool to have on your system.

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Installing Final Burner

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 TOC (Table Of Contents) on CDs

 IsoBuster - A Nice CD GUI Tool

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