Burning MP3 Music to Audio CD

This section describes how to burn or record MP3 music files as audio tacks to audio CD (Compact Disk Digital Audio or CD-DA) with Windows Media Player.

When you are ready to burn or record MP3 music files as audio tracks on a blank recordable CD to make an audio CD, follow this tutorial:

1. Start Windows Media Player.

2. Click the Burn tab. You may get a blank burn list.

3. Use the drop down list above the burn list window to select the MP3 must album you have created: Herong First Album. Windows Media Player will populate the burn list with all music files from this album:
Windows Media Player Burn Music List

4. Look at the burn list. Each music is selected to be burned to the audio CD with a status of "Ready to burn". The summary is reported below the burn list: "10 Item(s), Total Time: 48 Minutes".

5. Double check to make sure you have a blank CD in the CD drive. The write speed should be 4X ensure best burning quantity.

6. Windows Media Player starts a two-step to finish burning the CD. First it converts all MP3 files to audio tracks according to the CD-DA specifications in memory. Then it burns all audio tracks to the CD. The whole process took about less than 10 minutes.

I was surprised by this speed. I thought that it would take 15 minutes to finish, because the burning speed should be only 4 times faster than play time. 48 minutes of music would take 12 minutes to burn. I guess Windows Media Player ignored my write speed setting.

I checked the finished audio CD. I worked perfectly on a regular CD player.

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