Creating Your Own Album

This section describes how to group MP3 files into a folder and create your own audio CD album.

Before burning MP3 music files into audio CD album, you should move the selected MP3 music files into a folder and give them an album name. Here is I did to prepare my first audio CD album:

1. Create a folder called: \MP3\Herong First Album\.

2. Move some of my favorite MP3 music files to this directory. Total play time should be less than 80 minutes.

3. Go through each MP3 music file and modify its ID3v2 tags using the file properties dialog box. On the summary tab, copy the original Album Title to the Comments field. Enter "Herong First Album" into the Album Title field.

4. At the end, I got a folder of MP3 music files like this:

C:\MP3\Herong First Album>dir
 Directory of C:\MP3\Herong First Album

        8,633,705 Chinese_Classic-Liang_Zhu.mp3
        3,270,784 Chinese_Classic-Liu_Yang_He.mp3
        3,111,750 Chinese_Classic-Mu_Yang_Qu.mp3
        6,396,910 Chinese_Classic-Shi_Mian_Mai_Fu.mp3
        4,119,868 Chinese_Classic-Yu_Zhou_Wan_Chang.mp3
        6,419,973 Russ_Deane-A_Song_of_Peace.mp3
        5,298,379 Russ_Deane-In_The_Universe.mp3
        5,831,276 Russ_Deane-Love_Will_Stay.mp3
        8,513,316 Russ_Deane-Moon_Dance.mp3
        8,745,912 Russ_Deane-Reflections.mp3
 10 File(s)     60,341,873 bytes

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