Connect Phone SD Card to Computer via USB

This section provides a tutorial example on how to use the USB cable to connect SD card in the phone to the computer as a removable drive on the computer.

My Android phone also came with a USB cable that can be used to connect the SD card on my phone as a storage to my laptop for exchange files. Here is how it works:

1. Turn on my phone and my laptop. Then connect them with the USB cable.

2. On the phone, you will see the USB connection message:

USB connected

You have connected your phone to your computer via USB.
Select the button below if you want to copy files between
your computer and your Android's SD card.

[Turn on USB storage]

3. Tap on "Turn on USB storage". you will see a warning message saying that when the SD card is connected to the laptop as a USB storage to the laptop. Applications that are using the SD card will be stopped to avoid data corruption.

Turn on USB storage

If you turn USB storage, some applications you are using will
stop and may unavailable until you turn off USB storage.

[OK] [Cancel]

4. Tap on "OK". You will see another message:

USB storage in use

Before turn off USB storage, make sure you have unmounted {"ejected")
your Android's SD card from your computer.

[Turn off USB storage]

5. Look at the laptop now. You will see a removable drive E: is listed in the Windows Explorer.

6. Check the property of that removable drive E. You will see the total capacity is 5.57 GB. This matches the size of the internal SD card on my phone.

7. Copy some music .mp3 files from the laptop to the E:\Music folder

8. Eject the removable drive E: on the laptop.

10. Go back to the phone and tap "Turn off USB storage". You will see a quick message in the status bar saying "scanning media files". This tells me that Android is checking files that have been copied to the SD card.

11. Tap "Application" and "Music". Then select the music files copied from the laptop to enjoy the music on the phone.

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