Running MS Script Debugger

This section provides a tutorial example on how to run the MS Script Debugger on Windows 2000 system to debug ASP scripts.

MS Script Debugger can be used to debug both client side and server side scripts. Here is how to set up your system to debug server side VBScript pages.

1. Turning on debugging support on the IIS server. Run Internet Services Manager, and right mouse click on Default Web Site to select Properties. On the properties dialog box, click the Home Directory tab, and click the Configuration button. Then on the configuration dialog box, click the App Debugging tab. Then click the check box for "Enable ASP server-side script debugging".

2. Running MS Script Debugger. On Windows 2000 systems, you should go to the Start button, then select Programs, then select Accessories, you will see MS Script Debugger is installed there. So run it from there.

3. Loading the ASP page to IIS. Use IE to request the ASP you want to debug. This will trigger the ASP page to be loaded into IIS.

4. Loading your ASP page into the debugger. On MS Script Debugger, select Running Documents from the View menu, you will see the Running Documents window showing up with a tree view of running IE browsers and IIS server. Follow the tree view to locate the IIS server, then Default Web Site, then the ASP page you want to debug. Double click on the ASP page to load the ASP page source code into the debugger.

5. Setting a breakpoint in the ASP source code. With the ASP source code loaded in the bugger, you can set up break points by locating the statements and click the breakpoint icon.

6. Running the ASP page to the breakpoint. Use IE to request your ASP page again. Now IIS will stop processing the ASP page at your breakpoint for debugging.

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