Chinese Horoscopes - The Tiger Personality


People born in the year of the tiger have a lively disposition and are forthright and uninhibited in nature. They are broad-minded and quick to action. But there is another aspect to their characters. They are full of suspicion, and sometimes will take hasty action. They never hide their feelings. They are honest, tender, generous and humorous at the same time. They are always kind, love babies and animals, and like anything that arouses their imagination.

People born in the year of the tiger usually concent mouse on the work at hand. Once they get into their job, they forget all other things, even breathing. You can say they do everything with all their energy.

The lives of sentimental people born in the year of the tiger are usually unconventional and unrestrained when they are young. For some of them, this situation never changes. Perhaps this is because they are happy-go-lucky people, think there can be no practical benefits and they are fearless. They show contempt for the things with which they disagree. They will jeer and scold at a society tied to traditional concepts. They are always eager to show themselves off, and this is one of their most distinct characteristics.

People born in the year of the tiger will never give up no matter how frustrated they may become, or how severe are the misfortunes they meet. Even if there is only one spark left, they will try to make it fire their lives. Their spirits never die out, their lives never end.

When they are under pressure, they may want to depend on someone else. But they still give people the impression that they are in control.

Some people born in the year of the tiger are gentle, sentimental and full of sympathy. Others can be stubborn, selfish and unreasonable.

A woman born in the year of the tiger will be attractive and active. She will have an easy manner. She is good at expressing herself, has a lively disposition, and follows the latest fashions. She may like to spend several hours making herself up, having her hair dressed, and trying on new clothes. If she is at a party, she will have a good time. She enjoys the company of men and she can make them feel free and easy, make them enjoy her company.

A person born in the year of the tiger is selfish by nature. If his self-motive is brought into question, then money, honor, and power will mean nothing to him. When such a person suffers setbacks, he can become very mean. The desire for revenge may drive him to do anything. He can't bear being ignored or looked down upon. Although he can keep calm on important matters, he will lose his temper in such situations.

It is interesting that the two main features of his character are rashness and hesitation, a pair of contradictions. If he chooses the middle road he may become quite successful.

A person born in the year of the tiger is fond of playing. Since he is full of enthusiasm and sentiment, marrying with him or falling in love with him will bring you lots of experiences. He is fond of wrangling. He shows too much desire for possession when he is jealous.

The early life of a person who is born in the year of the tiger may be smooth. In the early years of his growth, he needs to learn how to control his hot temper, which may ruin his life if he does not. During his youth and prime of life he will be engrossed in turning his dream into reality. He will achieve success at last. If he knows how to relax and do things according to the situation, he will spend his remaining years in happiness.

Generally speaking, people born in the year of tiger are mercurial. They can laugh happily one moment, and cry the next. At one moment he will be optimistic but at the next he will lose his heart totally. He may have every sensitive feeling and colorful experience. There is no need to show sympathy for him, and he does not need sympathy. If he is allowed to lead a life according to his choice, he will find endless happiness.


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