Unique Features of Unicode

This section provides summary of unique features of the Unicode standard.

Comparing with other character coding standard, Unicode has the following unique features:

Another interesting feature of Unicode is the use of equivalent sequences. Different sequences of code elements that represent the same semantic value are called equivalent sequences. For example, the small letter "a" and the circumflex accent "^" can be represented by a single code element: U+00E2 (LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH CIRCUMFLEX). It can also be represented by a sequence of two code elements: U+0302 (COMBINING CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT) and U+0061 (LATIN SMALL LETTER A). So U+00E2 and U+0302U+0061 are equivalent sequences. See the demonstration table below:

1. U+00E2             = â
2. U+0302U+0061       = ̂a
3. U+0061U+0302       = 
4. U+0061U+0302U+0062 = âb
5. U+0062U+0302U+0061 = b̂a
6. U+0062U+0302U+0066 = b̂b

The above table shows how a Web browser handles a sequence that has a "combining" element:

Note that when send the same table to a PDF generation tool, "combining" sequences may not be respected.

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