Unicode 4.0 Character Samples

Some samples of characters added in Unicode 4.0 are provided here for the purpose of demonstration or performing browser testing.

5 samples of characters added in Unicode 4.0 standard published in 2003 are listed below with their glyphs, code points, code names and code blocks. If you see nothing or something strange between brackets in "Glyph Browser" column, you know that your browser (and the operating system) does not support this character.

Glyph   Glyph    Code    Code
Browser Expected Point   Name 

()        U+02B0D (UP DOWN BLACK ARROW)
        Code Block: Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows

        Code Block: Yijing Hexagram Symbols

(𐂖)        U+10096 (LINEAR B IDEOGRAM B131 WINE)
        Code Block: Linear B Ideograms

(𐠬)        U+1082C (CYPRIOT SYLLABLE SU)
        Code Block: Cypriot Syllabary

(𝌝)        U+1D31D (TETRAGRAM FOR JOY)
        Code Block: Tai Xuan Jing Symbols

My tests show that Windows 7 is still not support some Unicode 4.0 characters, like the LINEAR B IDEOGRAM B131 WINE character and the CYPRIOT SYLLABLE SU character 12 years after Unicode 4.0 was published.

Note that PDF generation tools may support different subsets of Unicode 4.0 characters, depending on which font files are used.

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