Windows Tool "Character Map"

A tutorial example is provided on how to run 'Character Map' on Windows systems to view glyphs of a Unicode font family.

What Is "Character Map"? "Character Map" is a Windows tool that allows you to view all glyphs/characters that supported by a given font.

Here is what I did to use "Character Map" to locate the glyph of "Georgian Letter Phar" in the "Arial Unicode MS" font family.

1. Go to Windows command search box and enter in "Character Map".

2. Click on "Character Map" in the search result to start it.

3. Select "Arial Unicode MS" from the "Font" dropdown list.

4. Scroll down through the glyph table until you reach "U+10E4: Georgian Letter Phar".

5. Double-click on it to select it, then click the "Copy" button.

Now I can paste it to MS Word, or any application that supports Unicode.

Windows Tool - Character Map
Windows Tool - Character Map

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Windows Tool "Character Map"

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