Run Jupyter Notebook at

This section provides a quick introduction on running Jupyter Notebook at, which builds the execution environment on the fly based your code dependencies.

If you want to share a Jupyter Notebook document with other, you can create Binder repository at Others can open and run it interactively without installing any dependencies.

What Is Binder Repository? A Binder repository is a collection of code, data and configurations that allows the BinderHub to build an execution environment for users to run it through Web browsers.

What Is BinderHub? A Binder Repository is a platform that manages Binder repositories and execution environments.

What Is runs an instance of BinderHub for the public to use for free.

Here are the steps to use for a Python script in Jupyter Notebook in a Conda environment.

1. Prepare input files for the Binder repository -

1. Prepare input files for the Binder repository -

Note that can only read input files from and some other repository Websites. A good example is available at

2. Build the Binder repository -

3. Test the execution environment for the Binder repository -

4. Share your Binder repository URL with others -

Binder Repository Execution Environment
Binder Repository Execution Environment

Cool. I am able to publish my Python Notebook document on for others to run it without installing anything.

Table of Contents

 About This Book

 Running Python Code Online

 Python on macOS Computers

 Python on Linux Computers

 Built-in Data Types

 Variables, Operations and Expressions

 Statements - Execution Units

 Function Statement and Function Call

 Iterators, Generators and List Comprehensions

 Classes and Instances

 Modules and Module Files

 Packages and Package Directories

 "sys" and "os" Modules

 "pathlib" - Object-Oriented Filesystem Paths

 "pip" - Package Installer for Python - Python Libraries for Science

 pandas - Data Analysis and Manipulation

 Anaconda - Python Environment Manager

Jupyter Notebook and JupyterLab

 What Is Jupyter Notebook

 Free Access of Jupyter Notebook and JupyterLab

 Jupyter Notebook Architecture

Run Jupyter Notebook at


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