"pip" - Package Installer for Python

This chapter provides introductions and tutorial examples about 'pip' - Package Installer for Python. Topics include running 'pip' commands to list installed packages and install new packages; running 'pip' inside Python scripts; commonly used Python packages.

What Is "pip/pip2/pip3" Command

Use "pip" Package in Python Script

Install MySQL Connector/Python with "pip"

Using "pip" with Different Sources

Commonly Used Python Packages/Libraries


Table of Contents

 About This Book

 Running Python Code Online

 Python on macOS Computers

 Python on Linux Computers

 Built-in Data Types

 Variables, Operations and Expressions

 Statements - Execution Units

 Function Statement and Function Call

 Iterators, Generators and List Comprehensions

 Classes and Instances

 Modules and Module Files

 Packages and Package Directories

 "sys" and "os" Modules

 "pathlib" - Object-Oriented Filesystem Paths

"pip" - Package Installer for Python

 SciPy.org - Python Libraries for Science

 pandas - Data Analysis and Manipulation

 Anaconda - Python Environment Manager

 Jupyter Notebook and JupyterLab


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