File Test Operators

This section provides a tutorial example on using file test operators to return information about a file or a directory in the file system. For example, -e tests if a file exists or not.

Perl offers a number of unary operators to return statistics of a file or a directory in the file system. Some commonly used ones are:

Here is a tutorial example script of using file test operators:

#- Copyright (c) All Rights Reserved.
   print -e "/windows", "\n";             # 1
   print -d "/windows", "\n";             # 1
   print -f "/windows", "\n";             #
   print -e "/windows/test", "\n";        #
   print -e "/windows/system.ini", "\n";  # 1
   print -d "/windows/system.ini", "\n";  #
   print -f "/windows/system.ini", "\n";  # 1
   print -s "/windows/system.ini", "\n";  # 231
   print -z "/windows/system.ini", "\n";  #
   print -T "/windows/system.ini", "\n";  # 1
   print -B "/windows/system.ini", "\n";  #

If you run it on a Windows system, you will get something similar to this:





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