Accessing MySQL Servers from Perl Programs

A tutorial example is provided on what programs and modules are needed to access MySQL servers from Perl programs, and how to install them.

Here is what we need to access MySQL servers from Perl programs:

For Perl implementation, I have installed ActivePerl. See my other book "Perl Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Examples" at for detailed information.

To install MySQL server, see the previous chapters of this book.

Perl DBI (Database Interface) module is the basic abstraction layer for working with external database servers. DBI module seems to be included in the default ActivePerl 5.16 installation. No need to download and install it yourself. If DBI module is not available on your Perl installation, like ActivePerl 5.6, you could to go to and download it as .tar file. But installing DBI module from the .tar file seems to be too complicated. You can also install the DBI module using the PPM (Perl Package Management) tool as shown below:

herong> \local\perl\bin\ppm
PPM interactive shell (2.1.5) - type 'help' for available commands.
PPM> install DBI
Install package 'DBI?' (y/N): y
Installing package 'DBI'...
Bytes transferred: 435739
Installing D:\Perl\site\lib\auto\DBI\dbd_xsh.h
Installing D:\Perl\site\lib\auto\DBI\
Installing D:\Perl\html\site\lib\DBI.html
Installing D:\Perl\html\site\lib\Win32\DBIODBC.html
Installing D:\Perl\site\lib\
Installing D:\Perl\site\lib\Win32\
Installing D:\Perl\bin\dbiprof
Installing D:\Perl\bin\dbiprof.bat
Installing D:\Perl\bin\dbiproxy
Installing D:\Perl\bin\dbiproxy.bat
Writing D:\Perl\site\lib\auto\DBI\.packlist
PPM> quit

The DBD:mysql module is the database driver for MySQL required by the DBI module. It can also be installed by PPM, if you have ActivePerl installed. Here is what did with ActivePerl 5.18:

herong> \local\perl\bin\ppm install DBD-mysql
Downloading DBD-mysql-4.033...done
Unpacking DBD-mysql-4.033...done
Generating HTML for DBD-mysql-4.033...done
Updating files in site area...done
  11 files installed

As a comparison, the following shows the same installation session with ActivePerl 5.6:

herong> \local\perl\bin\ppm
PPM> install DBD-mysql
Install package 'DBD-mysql?' (y/N): y
Installing package 'DBD-mysql'...
Bytes transferred: 179124
Installing D:\Perl\site\lib\auto\DBD\mysql\
Installing D:\Perl\site\lib\auto\DBD\mysql\mysql.dll
Installing D:\Perl\html\site\lib\Mysql.html
Installing D:\Perl\html\site\lib\DBD\mysql.html
Installing D:\Perl\site\lib\
Installing D:\Perl\site\lib\Mysql\
Writing D:\Perl\site\lib\auto\DBD\mysql\.packlist

But if you want to download the DBD:mysql module and install it yourself, you can go to and download it.

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