"jaccesswalker" - GUI Component Tree Browser

This section provides a tutorial example on how to use 'jabswitch' and 'jaccesswalker' to display the GUI component tree a Java GUI application on Windows computers.

What Is "jabswitch"? - "jabswitch" is a command line tool that enables or disables the JAB (Java Access Bridge) on a Windows computer. If you want to use "jaccesswalker", "jaccessinspector" or other assistive tool, you must enable the JAB.

What Is "jaccesswalker"? - "jaccesswalker" is a Windows GUI tool that allows you to navigate through the component trees of a Java GUI application.

Here is what I did to run "jaccesswalker" on my Windows computer. Note that I have %java_home%\bin directory included in "path" the environment variable, so that I can run java commands without the path name.

1. Run JInternalFrameListenerTest.java and create 2 internal frames. Keep JInternalFrameListenerTest.java running.

herong> java JInternalFrameListenerTest.java

Internal frame opened
Internal frame opened
Internal frame activated

2. Run "jaccesswalker" in a separate window. I see the "jaccesswalker" window displayed.

herong> jaccesswalker

3. Click "File > Refresh Tree" menu. I see the "JInternalFrameListener Test" GUI component tree listed.

4. Open all branches of the GUI component tree. I see a tree structure like this:

JInternalFrameListener Test [frame]
  |- [root pane]
    |- [panel]
    |- [layered pane]
      |- [desktop pane]
      | |- Frame 1 [internal frame]
      | | |- [root pane]
      | |   |- [panel]
      | |   |- [layered pane]
      | |     |- [panel]
      | |- Frame 2 [internal frame]
      |     |- [root pane]
      |     |- [panel]
      |     |- [layered pane]
      |       |- [panel]
      |- [menu bar]
        |- Frame [menu]
          |- New [menu item]
jaccesswalker - View GUI Component Tree
jaccesswalker - View GUI Component Tree

Cool. Displaying the GUI component tree dynamically will definitely help troubleshooting any issues in a Java GUI application.

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