What Is "object" Element?

This section describes what is HTML 'object' element - An HTML 4 element that can be used to include a generic object inside a HTML document.

What Is <object> Element? <object> is an HTML 4 element defined in the specification as an all-purpose solution to generic object inclusion in HTML documents. Here is what included in the specification document: "The OBJECT element allows HTML authors to specify everything required by an object for its presentation by a user agent: source code, initial values, and run-time data. In this specification, the term "object" is used to describe the things that people want to place in HTML documents; other commonly used terms for these things are: applets, plug-ins, media handlers, etc."

Here is the DTD (Document Type Definition) of the <object> element:

<!ELEMENT OBJECT - - (PARAM | %flow;)*
 -- generic embedded object -->
 %attrs;                         - %coreattrs, %i18n, %events
 declare  (declare)     #IMPLIED - declare but don't instantiate flag 
 classid  %URI;         #IMPLIED - identifies an implementation
 codebase %URI;         #IMPLIED - base URI for classid, data, archive
 data     %URI;         #IMPLIED - reference to object's data
 type     %ContentType; #IMPLIED - content type for data
 codetype %ContentType; #IMPLIED - content type for code
 archive  CDATA         #IMPLIED - space-separated list of URIs
 standby  %Text;        #IMPLIED - message to show while loading
 height   %Length;      #IMPLIED - override height
 width    %Length;      #IMPLIED - override width
 usemap   %URI;         #IMPLIED - use client-side image map
 name     CDATA         #IMPLIED - submit as part of form
 tabindex NUMBER        #IMPLIED - position in tabbing order

Note that:

See next sections on tutorial examples on how to use <object>.

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