SWFTools - SWF File Manipulation Tools

This chapter provides tutorial notes and example codes on SWFTools. Topics include downloading SWFTools; using 'swfdump' to dump SWF file header and generate HTML code; using 'pdf2swf' to convert PDF files to SWF files; using 'swfcombine' to merge SWF files.

What Is SWFTools?

Downloading and installing SWFTools

SWFDump - SWF File Dump Tool

"swfdump" - Dump SWF File Header

"swfdump -E" - Generate HTML Code

JPEG2SWF - JPEG to SWF File Conversion Tool

"jpeg2swf *.jpg" - Create a Slide Show

PDF2SWF - PDF to SWF File Conversion Tool

"pdf2swf" - Convert PDF to SWF

"master and slave" - Viewer and Page Frames

SWFCombine - SWF File Merging Tool

"swfcombine masterfile viewpoint=slavefile"

"swfcombine -a" - Concatenate SWF Files

"swfcombine -d" - Change Frame Rate and Size


Table of Contents

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 Introduction of Adobe Flash

 Adobe Flash Player Plugin for Firefox

 Adobe Flash Player Plugin for Chrome

 Adobe Flash Player Plugin for Safari

 Adobe Flash Player ActiveX for IE

 Using "object" Elements for Flash Files

 Using "embed" Elements for Flash Files

 "mp3player" - MP3 Music Player

 SWFObject - Hidding "object" behind JavaScript

 Flash Player Projector

SWFTools - SWF File Manipulation Tools

 SWFC Script to Generate Flash SWF Files

 ActionScript Embedded in SWFC Script

 AS3Compile - ActionScript 3 Compiler

 Adobe Flex SDK 4

 SWF File Structure and Tags

 SWF File Processing Rules

 SWF Files for Video and Audio Streams

 Outdated Tutorials


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