JPEG2SWF - JPEG to SWF File Conversion Tool

This section describes the JPEG2SWF tool, which can be used to create a Flash file as a slide show of pictures in JPEG formats.

SWFTools offers 3 tools to help you to create slide show Flash (SWF) files from pictures in different formats: GIF2SWF, JPEG2SWF, and PNG2SWF:

Here is the manual page of JPEG2SWF:

   jpeg2swf - Cenerates a slideshow from one or more JPEG pictures. 
      Supports motion estimation compression (h.263) for better 
      compression of video sequences

   jpeg2swf [-options [value]] imagefiles[.jpg]|[.jpeg] [...] 

   -o, --output <outputfile>     
      Explicitly specify output file. (otherwise, output.swf will be 

   -q, --quality <quality>       
      Set compression quality (1-100, 1=worst, 100=best)

   -r, --rate <framerate>        
      Set movie framerate (frames per second)

   -z, --zlib <zlib>             
      Enable Flash 6 (MX) Zlib Compression

   -M, --mx                      
      Use Flash MX H.263 compression (use for correlated images)

   -x, --xoffset <offset>        
      horizontally offset images by <offset>

   -y, --yoffset <offset>        
      vertically offset images by <offset>

   -X, --width <width>           
      Force movie width to <width> (default: autodetect)

   -Y, --height <height>         
      Force movie height to <height> (default: autodetect)

   -T, --flashversion <version>      
      Set flash file version to <version>

   -v, --verbose <level>         
      Set verbose level to <level> (0=quiet, 1=default, 2=debug)

   -V, --version                 
      Print version information and exit

   -f, --fit-to-movie            
      Fit images to movie size

   -e, --export <assetname>          
      Make importable as asset with <assetname>

See the next section for examples on how to use JPEG2SWF tool.

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