PDF2SWF - PDF to SWF File Conversion Tool

This section describes the PDF2SWF tool, which can be used to convert PDF files to SWF files.

The next tool I want to learn is PDF2SWF, which can be used to convert a PDF document into a Flash file.

Here is the manual page of PDF2SWF 0.9.1:

   pdf2swf - Converts Acrobat PDF files into Flash SWF Animation files.

   pdf2swf [-options] file.pdf -o file.swf

   Converts a PDF file to a SWF file.

   -o, --output file.swf
      will go into a seperate file.
   -p, --pages range
   -z, --zlib
      The resulting SWF will not be playable in browsers with Flash
      Plugins 5 and below!
   -j, --jpegquality quality
      Set quality of embedded jpeg pictures to quality. 0 is worst 
      (small), 100 is best (big). (default:85)
   -s, --set param=value
      Set a SWF encoder specific parameter. See pdf2swf -s help for 
      more information.
   -t, --stop
      The resulting SWF file will not turn pages automatically.
   -F, --fontdir directory
      Add directory to the font search path.
   -b, --defaultviewer
      The swf file will be "browseable", i.e. display some buttons for
      turning pages. The viewer swf to be used is "default_viewer.swf"
      in the swftools data directory.
   -l, --defaultloader
      The loader swf to be used is "default_loader.swf" in the 
      swftools data directory.
   -B, --viewer filename
      See http://www.quiss.org/swftools/pdf2swf_usage.html for 
      information on how to create your own viewers.
   -L, --preloader filename
      filename is an arbitrary swf animation.
   -S, --shapes
      Don't use SWF Fonts, but store everything as shape.
   -f, --fonts
      Store full fonts in SWF. (Don't reduce to used characters).
   -G, --flatten
      This usually makes the file faster to render and also usually
      smaller, but will increase conversion time.
   -Q, --maxtime n
      Abort conversion after n seconds. Only available on Unix.


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 What Is SWFTools?

 Downloading and installing SWFTools

 SWFDump - SWF File Dump Tool

 "swfdump" - Dump SWF File Header

 "swfdump -E" - Generate HTML Code

 JPEG2SWF - JPEG to SWF File Conversion Tool

 "jpeg2swf *.jpg" - Create a Slide Show

PDF2SWF - PDF to SWF File Conversion Tool

 "pdf2swf" - Convert PDF to SWF

 "master and slave" - Viewer and Page Frames

 SWFCombine - SWF File Merging Tool

 "swfcombine masterfile viewpoint=slavefile"

 "swfcombine -a" - Concatenate SWF Files

 "swfcombine -d" - Change Frame Rate and Size

 SWFC Script to Generate Flash SWF Files

 ActionScript Embedded in SWFC Script

 AS3Compile - ActionScript 3 Compiler

 Adobe Flex SDK 4

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 SWF File Processing Rules

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