Text.sc - Add Text to Animation

This section provides a tutorial example on create a simple Flash animation with text using SWFC script with '.font' and '.text' commands.

After adding sound to the Flash animation, let's see how to add text:

Here is my tutorial example, text.sc, which is based on sound.sc with text messages added in the animation:

#- text.sc
#- Copyright (c) 2014, HerongYang.com, All Rights Reserved.
.flash bbox=150x350 background=gray fps=12
.circle greenLight r=50 line=5 color=black fill=green
.circle yellowLight r=50 line=5 color=black fill=yellow
.circle redLight r=50 line=5 color=black fill=red
.sound mySound "Music_Sample.mp3"
.font arial "\Windows\Fonts\arial.ttf"
.text greenText font=arial text="Green" size=28pt color=black
.text yellowText font=arial text="Yellow" size=28pt color=black
.text redText font=arial text="Red" size=28pt color=black

#- Settig up the default frame which is frame 1
   .put greenLight x=25 y=225
   .put greenText x=35 y=275
   .play mySound loop=1

#- Making changes on frame 25
.frame 25
   .del greenLight
   .del greenText
   .put yellowLight x=25 y=125
   .put yellowText x=35 y=175

#- Making changes on frame 37
.frame 37
   .del yellowLight
   .del yellowText
   .put redLight x=25 y=25
   .put redText x=35 y=75

#- Making changes on frame 61
.frame 61
   .del redLight
   .del redText
   .put greenLight x=25 y=225
   .put greenText x=35 y=275

Compile and generate the HTML code:

C:\herong>\local\SWFTools\swfc text.sc -o text.swf

C:\herong>\local\SWFTools\swfdump -E text.swf > text.html

Remember to delete the extra "loop" parameter in text.html and change the "loop" parameter value to "true". The you are ready to play text.html.

I have included the HTML code here on this page. If you are reading the Web version of this book, you should be able to see the animation played. Otherwise, you will see a static image.

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