What Is SWFC Script?

This section describes what is SWFC Script - A simple scripting language designed by the SWFTools team for generating SWF applications.

What Is SWFC Script? SWFC Script is a simple script language designed by the SWFTools team for generating SWF applications.

Some cool features of SWFC Script:

If you want to try to write a SWFC script, you need to download and install SWFTools from www.swftools.org as described in the previous chapter.

SWFTools offers a SWFC compiler located at \local\SWFTools\swfc.exe.

Here is the manual page of SWFC 0.9.1:

   swfc - compile .sc files to swf.

   swfc [-o file.swf] file.sc

   Compiles a file written in sc (SWF Script) into a number of SWF 


   -C, --cgi
      Output to stdout (for use in CGI environments)
   -v, --verbose
      Increase verbosity. Use more than one -v for greater effect.
   -o, --output filename
      Specify output file (Default: output.swf). This affects only the
      parts of the .sc file which haven't specified an output file 

   Matthias Kramm <kramm@quiss.org>

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