Dumping SWF Files Generated from MXML Applications

This section provides a tutorial example on how to dump and disassemble SWF files generated from Flash applications written in MXML format. '-D' and '-asm' options should be used.

In this example, let's dump and disassemble a SWF file generated from a Flash application written as an MXML file, sqft_converter.swf. See previous chapter on how sqft_converter.swf was created.

First dump it with the SWFTools SWF dumper using "-D" option:

C:\herong>\local\swftools\swfdump -D sqft_converter.swf

[HEADER]        File version: 10
[HEADER]        File is zlib compressed. Ratio: 49%
[HEADER]        File size: 80395
[HEADER]        Frame rate: 24.000000
[HEADER]        Frame count: 2
[HEADER]        Movie width: 500.00
[HEADER]        Movie height: 375.00
[045]         4 FILEATTRIBUTES usenetwork as3 symbolclass
[04d]       459 METADATA
[041]         4 SCRIPTLIMITS
[009]         3 SETBACKGROUNDCOLOR (ff/ff/ff)
[029]        26 SERIALNUMBER
[02b]        42 FRAMELABEL "_sqft_converter_mx_managers_SystemManager"
[052]     56432 DOABC "frame1", lazy load
#name: frame1
#Metadata "Bindable":
#  =change
sealed interface class <q>[public]mx.core::IFlexModuleFactory{
     staticconstructor * =()(0 params, 0 optional)
    [stack:0 locals:1 scope:3-3 flags:]
        00000) + 0:0 returnvoid 

     constructor * <q>[public]mx.core::IFlexModuleFactory=()
        (0 params, 0 optional)
     getter <q>[public]flash.utils::Dictionary 
        (0 params, 0 optional)
[04c]        86 SYMBOLCLASS
                exports 0002 as "_sqft_converter_Styles__embed_css...
[001]         0 SHOWFRAME 2 (00:00:00,042) (label "sqft_converter")
[000]         0 END

Then disassemble it with the Flex SWF disassembler using "-asm" option:

C:\herong>\local\flex\bin\swfdump -asm sqft_converter.swf

<!-- Parsing swf file:/C:/herong/sqft_converter.swf -->
<!-- ?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"? -->
<swf xmlns='http://macromedia/2003/swfx' version='10' 
  framerate='24' size='10000x7500' compressed='true' >
  <!-- framecount=2 length=80395 -->
  <FileAttributes hasMetadata='true' actionScript3='true' 
    suppressCrossDomainCaching='false' swfRelativeUrls='false' 
    <rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf='http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#'>
    <rdf:Description rdf:about='' xmlns:dc='http://purl.org/dc/ele...
  <ScriptLimits scriptRecursionLimit='1000' scriptTimeLimit='60'/>
  <SetBackgroundColor color='#FFFFFF'/>
  <ProductInfo product='Adobe Flex' edition='' version='4.1' 
    build='16076' compileDate='11/13/10 10:42 PM'/>
  <FrameLabel label='_sqft_converter_mx_managers_SystemManager'/>
  <DoABC2 name='frame1'>
                      <AttributeListNode public='true'>


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