SWF Disassembler in Flex SDK

This section describes the SWF disassembler, swfdump, provided in Adobe Flex SDK package.

Another nice tool provided in Flex SDK is the SWF disassembler located at \local\Flex\bin\swfdump.

Command line syntax can be obtained as:


Usage: java tools.SwfxPrinter [-encode] [-asm] [-abc] [-showbytecode]
   [-noactions] [-showdebugsource] [-showoffset] [-noglyphs] 
   [-external] [-save file.swf] [-nofunctions] [-out file.swfx] 
   file1.swf ...

Notes on some command link options:

If you have installed both SWFTools and Flex SDK, now you have two versions of the same command, "swfdump":

See next sections for comparisons between both tools.

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