Crypt::CBC Encryption Verification

A tutorial example is provided to verify Crypt::CBC against the Blowfish CBC test vector published at

Okay, I think we have learned enough on how to use the Crypt::CBC module. Now we needed to verify its output against existing Blowfish CBC test vectors.

When I search the Internet, I only see one published test vector for Blowfish in CBC mode at

chaining mode test data
key[16]   = 0123456789ABCDEFF0E1D2C3B4A59687
iv[8]     = FEDCBA9876543210
data[29]  = "7654321 Now is the time for " (includes trailing '\0')
data[29]  = 37363534333231204E6F77206973207468652074696D6520666F722000
cbc cipher text

I think we can run my example script,, to validate this:

C:\herong>perl \
   0123456789ABCDEFF0E1D2C3B4A59687 FEDCBA9876543210 \
Crypt::CBC Blowfish Object Test - output in Hex:
   Secret Key     (0123456789ABCDEFF0E1D2C3B4A59687)
   IV             (FEDCBA9876543210)
   Plaintext      (37363534333231204E6F772069732074
Creating Crypt::CBC with Blowfish Object ...
Encrypting plaintext...
   Ciphertext     (6b77b4d63006dee605b156e274039793
Decrypting ciphertext...
   Decrypted text (37363534333231204e6f772069732074
   Pass Phrase    ()
   IV             (fedcba9876543210)

Congratulations! The ciphertext matches with what given in the test vector. Now we can confidently say that Crypt::CBC and Crypt::Blowfish modules work correctly.

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