Perl Crypt::Blowfish Module

Tutorial notes and example codes on Crypt::Blowfish Perl Module. Topics include introduction of Crypt::Blowfish; Download and installation; Behavior tests; Test vector verification; Building 128-bit key test vectors.

What Is Crypt::Blowfish

Installing Crypt::Blowfish 2.14 with ActivePerl

Crypt::Blowfish Behavior Tests

Secret Keys with Repeating Pattern

Crypt::Blowfish Verification with Test Vectors

Blowfish Test Vectors with 16-Byte Keys


Table of Contents

 About This Book

 Blowfish Cipher Algorithm

Perl Crypt::Blowfish Module

 Perl Crypt::ECB Perl Module

 Perl Crypt::CBC Module

 Perl Crypt::CFB Perl Module

 OpenSSL "enc -bf-ecb" for Blowfish/ECB Encryption

 OpenSSL "enc -bf-cbc" for Blowfish/CBC Encryption

 OpenSSL "enc -bf-cfb" for Blowfish/CFB Encryption

 OpenSSL "enc -bf-ofb" for Blowfish/OFB Encryption

 PHP Mcrypt Extension for Blowfish

 Blowfish 8-Bit Cipher in PHP


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