Blowfish Cipher Algorithm

Tutorial notes and example codes on Blowfish cipher algorithm. Topics include Blowfish encryption algorithm; Blowfish Sub-key and S-box generation schema; Blowfish decryption algorithm and proof; list of first 8336 hex digits of PI; C program to calculate hex digits of PI.

Blowfish Cipher Encryption Algorithm

Key Schedule (Sub-Keys and S-Boxes) Algorithm

Efficient Form of the Blowfish Algorithm

Blowfish Cipher Decryption Algorithm

Proof of Blowfish Cipher Algorithm

Blowfish Cipher Test Vectors

First 8336 Fractional Hex Digits of PI

piqpr8.c - Generating Hex Digits of PI


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Blowfish Cipher Algorithm

 Perl Crypt::Blowfish Module

 Perl Crypt::ECB Perl Module

 Perl Crypt::CBC Module

 Perl Crypt::CFB Perl Module

 OpenSSL "enc -bf-ecb" for Blowfish/ECB Encryption

 OpenSSL "enc -bf-cbc" for Blowfish/CBC Encryption

 OpenSSL "enc -bf-cfb" for Blowfish/CFB Encryption

 OpenSSL "enc -bf-ofb" for Blowfish/OFB Encryption

 PHP Mcrypt Extension for Blowfish

 Blowfish 8-Bit Cipher in PHP


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